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10th JanL3 Indoor Successes

Congratulations to Tom Cox who was successfully assessed at the weekend and joins the NPUA Indoor Panel and to Saul Shohet who was returned to panel after a year's absence

2nd JanL2 Indoor Successes

Congratulations to the following who were successfully assessed in December for their L2 Indoor Award

Men’s game – Jaime Cox and Ben Garrod
Women’s game – Steve Hoban

5th Dec (2017)Red Card and MMO Regulations updated

The EH Competitions and Regulations Committee have agreed that a change is required to Reg 6.9 to address the potential injustice in the penalty for a second red card within 12 months being doubled if the initial red card had been a "category D red card" carrying no suspension.
The updated Regulations (December 2017 version have now been uploaded to the Information and Downloads Section. The only change is to Reg 6.9 which makes no practical difference to the way that Umpires need to deal with Red Card and MMO reports.

27th Nov (2017)Confirmation of match details to Watchers

If a watcher has been appointed to a match that you are involved with, it is common courtesy, notwithstanding the details shown on the website, for you to make contact with the watcher to confirm the time and venue of the match.

The usual protocol is for the first named umpire to take responsibility for confirming details. However, if you find you are paired with somebody who is first named but who isn’t a Panel Umpire (e.g. Guest, Candidate, Exchange Visitor etc.) then please take on the responsibility yourself.

22nd Nov (2017)Guidance on players going to ground

There has recently been some confusion on penalties that should be applied to players who go to ground. The guidance on this subject, which was first issued in October 2014, has been uploaded to the Information and Downloads page and can be viewed using the link

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16th Nov (2017)Promotions

Congratulations to the following who have been promoted following the recent meetings of the Selection Committees.

W1 Jane Taylor promoted from W2
W3 Giles Hulme added to the panel following a recent successful assessment.

In addition, we welcome Annette Harvey to the Region and who joins the Women’s panel at W1. Annette has recently moved back to the UK after a number of years living and working abroad. She was previously on the FIH World Class panel of umpires

16th Nov (2017)Red cards

A reminder to all members that if you should have the misfortune to give a Red card/MMO in a match to which you have been appointed by MRHUA, you should please, also send a copy of the report to your relevant Chair of Selectors.
This allows us to monitor Red Cards/MMO's and also gives us the opportunity to support umpires through the whole process, if required.

7th Nov (2017)L3 success

Congratulations to James Carter who was successful on his assessment game at the weekend and rejoins the NPUA panel.

6th Nov (2017)Congratulations

Congratulations go to Ollie Rhodes who was successful in his assessment game at the weekend and joins the Men's Panel.
We wish him well for his future career with MRHUA

2nd Nov (2017)Headsets

Dear Colleagues,
Some of you have recently raised a query regarding incompatibility between other headsets and the "secret service" type headsets now being supplied. I need to clear up what is a growing fallacy or misnomer that is occurring in MRHUA with regard to Headset compatibility.
The only thing your headset can, or needs to be compatible with, is your radio unit. There is no such thing as incompatibility with colleagues’ headsets. It may depend where your colleague attaches his microphone or it is just a quieter model of headset and all that is required is to turn up the volume on your set to hear your colleague fully.
Let me reassure you again and, assuming there are no faults on anyone’s equipment, there is no such thing as headset incompatibility. As long as your headset is compatible with your radio unit it will work with your colleague's regardless of the headset they are using.
On another note, members, in order to combat what they see as a compatibility issue, are asking for two sets of the new type. As of today, only one set per requesting member will be provided at a cost of £10 per set which is deducted from your earned expenses.
Jerry Yates
Kit Manager, MRHUA

31st Oct (2017)Congratulations

Congratulations to Dan Wheawall who was successful in his assessment game at the weekend and joins the Men's Panel.
We wish him well for the future

19th Oct (2017)Guidance to Umpires on completion of Watcher feedback form

We have published guidance for umpires who need to feedback on watchers. The file can be found in the Information and Downloads section and by following the link below

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6th Apr (2017)England Hockey Centralised Calendar 2017-18

The EH Centralised Calendar for 2017/18 has now been published and can be found in the MRHUA Information & Downloads section

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29th Mar (2017)FIH launches Rule of Hockey App

FIH has launched a Rule of Hockey App for smart phones and tablets.

Please follow link to FIH article for full details and links to the App for both iOS and Android versions

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11th Nov (2016)Clarification on Red Cards awarded for dissent

In the last fortnight there have been two instances where our members have issued Red Cards for dissent and have reported them as Category D Offences (two separate, but duplicate minor offences for which a yellow card was awarded for the first offence).

Please would everybody note that under Para 6.3 of EH Discipline Regulations, dissent is not a minor offence. It therefore follows that if a player has received a yellow card for dissent, a second offence of this nature will attract a Red Card which should be reported as a Category A Offence (Physical violence was not used, attempted or threatened).

17th Aug (2016)+++ UDATED +++ Parking at King Edwards High School, Birmingham

Despite previous advice, parking at KES, home to Harborne and Bournville does not require a permit.

However, umpires should note that the only car park that we can use is the Parade Ground car park, which is accessed by the side entrance on the A38 only, not by either of the entrances on Edgbaston Park road. Heading towards the city centre, take the third entry after Edgbaston Park Road. If approaching from the city, you will need to do a U turn at the lights on the junction of Bristol Road and Edgbaston Park Road

If other car parks are used, you risk having your car clamped because these areas are being monitored.

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