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Midland Region Hockey Umpiring Association Information & Downloads

Association Business

MRHUA Constitution

Version 15 - Adopted 7th May 2019

MRHUA Members Expenses Notes 2018/19

Allowable expenses for matches and meetings - Updated Oct. 2018

MRHUA Insurance Summary Cover

Updated November 2018

Association Terms of Reference

Executive Committee TOR

Selection Sub-Committees TOR

Coaching & Development Sub-Committee TOR

MYU Sub-Committee TOR

Honorary President TOR

Chairperson TOR

Vice Chairperson TOR

Secretary TOR

Treasurer TOR

Webmaster TOR

Welfare Officer TOR

Data Protection Officer TOR

Welcome Pack

MRHUA New Member Welcome Pack

Version 5 - Revised April 2019


MRHUA Outdoor Selection Policy

Version 4 - Adopted May 2018

MRHUA Fitness Testing

Details of fitness requirements for umpires from 1st June 2018

Fitness testing approved supervisors

List of NPUA and MRHUA Fitness test supervisors

Health & Safety

MRHUA Health and Safety Policy

Version 2 - Adopted Oct. 2018

EHB Policy - Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey

EHB Safeguarding Summary for Umpires and Officials

Working With Young People In MRHUA

MRHUA guidance for Umpires, Coaches and Assessors - Adopted March 2018

Umpire Guidance - General

Dissent Guidance 2015

Personal Penalties v Team Penalties for dissent in 23m area

How to conduct a Penalty Stroke Competition

Guidance for Pitchside Conduct

Placement of Suspended Players

EH Statement as to where suspended players should be sent during a match

Social Media Policy

Building Your Umpire Confidence

Guidance & assistance notes from John Litchfield

The Aerial and Ball in the Air 2015

Revised MRHUA Guidance

Guidance on going to ground

Management of incidents when players go to ground

Guidance to umpires on completion of Watcher feedback form

Meet the Selectors - Questions and responses

A summary of the questions and points raised at the January 2018 member's meeting together with responses from the Selection Committees

Umpire Guidance - Presentations

Henrik Ehlers Presentation to NPUA

The presentation was also given to MRHUA members at the January 2009 Meeting

Preparation - Areas to Consider

Presentation to 16th AGM from Richard Kirk

The Role of Psychology in Sport & Officiating

A presentation by Jaime Cox to the February 2017 MRHUA Members Meeting

Umpire Voice Management

A presentation by John Litchfield to the February 2017 MRHUA Members Meeting

What does 'Good' look like?

Outcomes of the discussion led by John Litchfield at the October 2018 Member's Meeting

Umpiring Landscape

Presentation by Colin Jones to the October 2018 Member's meeting

Umpire Guidance - Rules of Hockey

2017 FIH Rules of Outdoor Hockey

Current Outdoor Rules

2017 FIH Rules of Indoor Hockey

Current Indoor Rules

Rule Changes 2017

A copy of the presentation given by Kevin Hopkins at the October 2017 Member's meeting

Application of the rules of hockey in England for the 2019-20 Season

Umpire Guidance - Radio Equipment

UmpireTalk - Chat2 Pro Guidance

UmpireTalk - Chat2 Pro Additional Advice

MRHUA Radio Set Guidance

Version 2.1 - December 2014

MRHUA Radio Equipment - Usage, Care and Maintenance

Version 1.1 - December 2016

UmpireTalk Chat2 Pro Recommendations

UmpireTalk Recommendations for Usage and Care

Using Your Radio in 2016

Updated 21st March 2016

Umpire Coaches and Coaching

MRHUA Regional Umpire Coach Award Candidate Registration Form 2017

Regional Umpire Coach Assessment Criteria Final

Regional Umpire Coach Competancy Guidelines Final

Disciplinary Code

A Brief Guide to the England Hockey Code of Ethics & Behaviour 2008

Red Card and MMO Regulations Sept 2019

September 2019 version

Red Card / Match-Day Misconduct Report Form

October 2019 version

County Discipline Administrators for 2019

Updated October 2019

Red Card Assistance for Umpires

Red Card FAQ's September 2016 Version

Disrepute Offence Regulations 2019

Updated version September 2019

Disrepute Offence Form 2018

Updated September 2018

Dealing with Unacceptable Behaviour

Advice to Umpires - Completing a Red Card or Match-Day Misconduct Report Form

September 2014 Version

Umpiring news & Newsletters

Loughborough University Pitch

EH Long Pile Turf 3G Pitch Policy - 1st August 2009

Updated EH Policy on 3G Turf hockey pitches

Changes to England Hockey Leagues

Details of changes to the National Leagues for the 2019/20 season

There is more handbook information to be found in theBirmingham Counties Hockey Umpiring Association Information & Downloads and in theEast Midlands Hockey Umpiring Association Information & Downloads and in theMidlands Young Umpiring Information & Downloads.

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