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12th JunFitness Testing

Fitness testing sessions have been arranged as follows and are open to all NPUA, MRHUA and County Umpires. Please contact Richard Kirk or Howard Wilson as appropriate to confirm which session you will be attending

Beeston (Richard Kirk)
Thursday 5th July and Tuesday 31st July both commencing at 7.30pm

Old Silhillians (Howard Wilson)
Wednesday 11th July and Tuesday 24th July both commencing at 7.00pm.

Umpires may arrange to be tested at other times but please remember that these tests must be under the supervision of a person authorised by NPUA or MRHUA as appropriate.

NPUA fitness requirements have now been published and have been incorporated into the MRHUA Fitness testing document

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23rd MayNew Members

Congratulations to Gabi Brown and Chris Chiverton, who on successfully passing their level 2 assessments this weekend, have been added to the women's W3 panels. MRHUA welcomes you to the association.

18th MayUmpire Promotions

Following the recent selection committee meetings, we are pleased to announce the following promotions:

Men’s Panel
M1 – Stephen Parker, Richard Perry and Clare White from M2

M2 – Ben Garrod from M3. In addition, Dan Wheawall has been added to the development panel (M2*)

Congratulations to you all.

7th MayCongratulations - NYUPL

Huge congratulations to Elise Charlton on successfully being added to the National Young Umpire Programme (NYUPL). MRHUA are proud of your achievement and wish you the very best in this new venture.

26th AprBehaviour - Club Scores - 2017/18

Please the accumulated Behaviour scores given to League clubs by appointed umpires.

The qualifications is 10 reports and the maximum score is 7

Congratulations to Boots.

Please see the detailed scores below

Club County Division Reports Score

Boots Notts M1 46 5.93
Mansfield Notts EM1 32 5.87
Khalsa Warks MP 51 5.76
Northampton Saints Northants M1 48 5.75
Harborne Staffs MP 48 5.75
Buxton Derbys EM1 18 5.67
Coalville Leics M2 44 5.66
Nuneaton Warks EM1 23 5.65
North Stafford Staffs M1 46 5.63
Belper Derbys MP 49 5.63
Old Halesonians Worcs M1 47 5.60
Loughborough Town Leics MP 48 5.60
Berkswell and Balsall Common Warks WMP 40 5.58
Stafford Staffs WMP 40 5.58
Leicester Leics EMP 31 5.55
Atherstone Adders Warks EM1 22 5.55
Derby Derbys EM1 29 5.52
Newark Notts EMP 25 5.52
Stratford Warks M2 47 5.51
West Bromwich Staffs WMP 37 5.51
Market Harborough Leics EM1 32 5.50
Warwick Warks M1 41 5.49
Bournville Worcs MP 48 5.48
West Bridgford Notts MP 49 5.47
South Nottingham Notts EM1 26 5.46
Old Wulfrunians Staffs WM1 18 5.44
Old Silhillians Warks M2 50 5.42
Bloxwich Staffs M2 45 5.42
Worcester Worcs MP 45 5.40
Ashby Leics EMP 33 5.39
Aldridge & Walsall Staffs WMP 42 5.33
Hampton-in-Arden Warks M1 47 5.30
Bromsgrove Worcs WMP 40 5.30
Stourport Worcs MP 48 5.29
Leamington Warks WM1 21 5.29
Sutton Coldfield Warks M1 47 5.28
Wolverhampton Staffs WM1 23 5.26
Repton Derbys EMP 32 5.25
Derwent Derbys EMP 34 5.24
Leicester Westleigh Leics EMP 25 5.24
Telford and Wrekin Shrops M2 46 5.24
Streetly Staffs M2 47 5.24
Redditch Warks WMP 40 5.23
Stone Staffs M1 44 5.20
Burton Derbys M2 48 5.19
Pershore Worcs WM1 19 5.16
Melton Leics EMP 32 5.13
Nottingham Trent University Notts EMP 30 5.13
Wednesbury Staffs WM1 16 5.13
Sikh Union (Nottingham) Notts M2 40 5.13
Barford Tigers Worcs M1 45 5.11
Rugby and East Warwickshire Warks MP 46 5.11
Warwick University Warks M1 45 5.09
Ludlow Shrops WMP 44 5.07
Sikh Union (Coventry) Warks WMP 41 5.07
Leek Staffs MP 48 5.06
Nottingham Notts EMP 37 5.05
Bridgnorth Shrops M1 47 5.02
Solihull Blossomfield Warks WMP 35 5.00
Finchfield Staffs M2 44 4.98
Market Drayton Shrops WMP 43 4.95
Lichfield Staffs MP 49 4.90
Coventry and North Warwick Warks M2 44 4.87
Edgbaston Warks M1 47 4.85
Chesterfield Derbys M2 51 4.80
Droitwich Worcs WM1 10 4.80
Tamworth Staffs EM1 22 4.77
Kings Heath Pickwick Worcs WM1 25 4.76
Shrewsbury Shrops WMP 36 4.67
Ramgarhia (Derby) Derbys EM1 29 4.62
North Notts Notts EMP 39 4.41
Barton Derbys MP 47 4.36
Nottingham Players Notts M2 46 3.98
Panthers (Leicester) Leics EMP 26 3.23

26th AprHospitality - Club Scores - 2017/18

Please the accumulated Hospitality scores given to League clubs by appointed umpires.

The qualifications is 10 reports and the maximum score is 7

Congratulations to Sikh Union (Coventry).

Please see the detailed scores below

Club County Division Reports Score

Sikh Union (Coventry) Warks WMP 21 6.62
Barford Tigers Worcs M1 22 6.59
West Bridgford Notts MP 24 6.38
Repton Derbys EMP 13 6.38
Stourport Worcs MP 26 6.31
Bloxwich Staffs M2 23 6.30
Derwent Derbys EMP 18 6.22
Khalsa Warks MP 23 6.13
Berkswell and Balsall Common Warks WMP 19 6.11
Wolverhampton Staffs WM1 13 6.08
Derby Derbys EM1 18 6.06
Northampton Saints Northants M1 25 6.00
Ashby Leics EMP 20 6.00
Belper Derbys MP 23 5.96
North Stafford Staffs M1 22 5.95
Ramgarhia (Derby) Derbys EM1 15 5.93
Mansfield Notts EM1 20 5.85
Old Silhillians Warks M2 23 5.83
Pershore Worcs WM1 11 5.82
Nuneaton Warks EM1 13 5.77
Panthers (Leicester) Leics EMP 10 5.70
Old Halesonians Worcs M1 22 5.68
Stratford Warks M2 25 5.68
Sutton Coldfield Warks M1 23 5.65
Stone Staffs M1 22 5.64
Bridgnorth Shrops M1 25 5.56
Chesterfield Derbys M2 28 5.54
Burton Derbys M2 23 5.52
Leamington Warks WM1 12 5.50
Warwick Warks M1 21 5.48
West Bromwich Staffs WMP 17 5.47
Coalville Leics M2 22 5.45
Finchfield Staffs M2 22 5.41
Streetly Staffs M2 25 5.40
Solihull Blossomfield Warks WMP 18 5.39
Sikh Union (Nottingham) Notts M2 18 5.39
Worcester Worcs MP 23 5.35
Telford and Wrekin Shrops M2 23 5.35
Boots Notts M1 24 5.33
Melton Leics EMP 13 5.31
Leek Staffs MP 24 5.25
Market Harborough Leics EM1 15 5.20
Bromsgrove Worcs WMP 19 5.16
Kings Heath Pickwick Worcs WM1 13 5.15
Market Drayton Shrops WMP 20 5.15
Redditch Worcs WMP 21 5.14
Aldridge & Walsall Staffs WMP 22 5.14
Ludlow Shrops WMP 22 5.14
Barton Derbys MP 23 5.13
Harborne Staffs MP 24 5.13
Hampton-in-Arden Warks M1 25 5.12
North Notts Notts EMP 18 5.06
Stafford Staffs WMP 21 5.05
Bournville Worcs MP 25 5.00
Nottingham Players Notts M2 23 4.96
Shrewsbury Shrops WMP 19 4.95
Nottingham Notts EMP 21 4.95
South Nottingham Notts EM1 16 4.88
Newark Notts EMP 16 4.81
Leicester Leics EMP 19 4.74
Rugby and East Warwickshire Warks MP 23 4.70
Tamworth Staffs EM1 10 4.70
Coventry and North Warwick Warks M2 20 4.70
Lichfield Staffs MP 25 4.64
Loughborough Town Leics MP 25 4.56
Edgbaston Warks M1 21 4.43
Nottingham Trent University Notts EMP 14 4.21
Warwick University Warks M1 23 4.04

16th AprWendy Mould

We are sad to announce that Wendy Mould passed away on 2nd April 2018. Wendy had been unwell for several weeks. Wendy was one of the original Women’s League umpires both in the Midlands and for the Women’s Typhoo National League in 1989-90 season. She went on to achieve FIH status and was an inspiration to many of us umpires in the women’s game.
Wendy’s funeral is on Thursday 3rd May, 12o’clock at Markeaton Crematorium, Markeaton Lane, Derby. DE22 4NH. Can anyone thinking of going to the funeral please let Barbara Jones know.

12th AprChris Forde RIP

MRHUA are very sad to announce the news that Chris Forde passed away on the 23rd March at home.
Chris was a long standing member of the MRHA League Committee, EMHUA and the MRHUA Executive Comittee.
Our thoughts and deep sympathy are extended to his wife Vicky, his daughters and family.

12th Apr

There will be a funeral service for Chris Forde at St. Mary’s Church, East Leake on Tuesday 17th April at 2 pm
followed by refreshments at Rushcliffe Golf Club, Stocking Lane, East Leake LE12 5RL.
No flowers please, but donations to Prostate Cancer UK (prostatecanceruk.org).
Anyone who would like to go back to the Golf club afterwards please inform Chris Ashton by email on ashton.chrisd@gmail.com. All are welcome but accurate numbers are required.

5th AprChanges to England Hockey Leagues for season 2019/20

England Hockey have announced the structure for the National Leagues for season 2019/20 onwards. Full details can be obtained by clicking on the link

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2nd AprBarrie Simpson RIP

We are sad to report that Barrie Simpson passed away earlier today after a long illness. He was a longstanding member of BCHUA and MCHUA and was also a National Badge Umpire. In addition, he was also instrumental, together with Malcolm Challenor, in the founding of Barford Tigers HC.
Our thoughts are with his family at the sad time.
We will advise of arrangements once known

27th Nov (2017)Confirmation of match details to Watchers

If a watcher has been appointed to a match that you are involved with, it is common courtesy, notwithstanding the details shown on the website, for you to make contact with the watcher to confirm the time and venue of the match.

The usual protocol is for the first named umpire to take responsibility for confirming details. However, if you find you are paired with somebody who is first named but who isn’t a Panel Umpire (e.g. Guest, Candidate, Exchange Visitor etc.) then please take on the responsibility yourself.

22nd Nov (2017)Guidance on players going to ground

There has recently been some confusion on penalties that should be applied to players who go to ground. The guidance on this subject, which was first issued in October 2014, has been uploaded to the Information and Downloads page and can be viewed using the link

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11th Nov (2016)Clarification on Red Cards awarded for dissent

In the last fortnight there have been two instances where our members have issued Red Cards for dissent and have reported them as Category D Offences (two separate, but duplicate minor offences for which a yellow card was awarded for the first offence).

Please would everybody note that under Para 6.3 of EH Discipline Regulations, dissent is not a minor offence. It therefore follows that if a player has received a yellow card for dissent, a second offence of this nature will attract a Red Card which should be reported as a Category A Offence (Physical violence was not used, attempted or threatened).

17th Aug (2016)+++ UDATED +++ Parking at King Edwards High School, Birmingham

Despite previous advice, parking at KES, home to Harborne and Bournville does not require a permit.

However, umpires should note that the only car park that we can use is the Parade Ground car park, which is accessed by the side entrance on the A38 only, not by either of the entrances on Edgbaston Park road. Heading towards the city centre, take the third entry after Edgbaston Park Road. If approaching from the city, you will need to do a U turn at the lights on the junction of Bristol Road and Edgbaston Park Road

If other car parks are used, you risk having your car clamped because these areas are being monitored.

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