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Midland Region Hockey Umpiring Association News

16th JanOutcome from Special General Meeting

Following the Special General Meeting of the Association yesterday the revised Constitution and Governance Structure where approved by the Members present at the meeting. Therefore, the revised Constitution (version 14), as circulated to all members, will be sent to MRHA for approval and subject to that approval being given by MRHA, will come into effect on the 1st February 2019, with the Association continuing to be managed by the Executive Committee and Sub-Committees duly elected at the AGM of May 2018, until the next AGM on the 7th May 2019, when the posts specified in the revised Constitution (version 14) shall be elected.

16th JanMRHUA Kit Manager

Would Members please note that Donna Seager has now taken over as the Kit Manager for MRHUA and can be contacted via her email address in the first instance.

8th JanL3 Indoor Success

Congratulations to Ben Garrod who was successfully assessed at the weekend and joins the NPUA Indoor Men's panel.

8th JanMRHUA Indoor promotions

After the Indoor activity in December, we are pleased to announce the following:

Colin Anderson awarded his L2 Badge and added to both Men’s and Women’s panels.
Annette Harvey returns to both Men’s and Women’s Panels after a hiatus of several years.
Steve Hoban added to the Men’s Panel, having already achieved his L2 in the Women’s game.

Congratulations to you all.

17th Dec (2018)Urinating at the side of a hockey pitch - Statement from England Hockey

We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH ‘Respect – Code of Ethics and Behaviour’ – Disrepute Offence, not to mention in some cases a criminal offence. We expect all members to refrain from such behaviour. However, in the event of such incidences, in keeping with the revised Disrepute Complaint Regulations, we kindly ask that these be referred to EH as a Disrepute Complaint in the first instance. It is likely that offenders will face a suspension.
This statement is endorsed by MRHUA to its Members.
If you have any questions, please refer to Jerry Yates, Secretary, MRHUA.

10th Dec (2018)MRHUA Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting of the Association will be held on Tuesday January 15th, at Old Silhillians HC.

The purpose of this meeting and the business to be transacted is to present to members the outcome of the Governance Review of the Association and to put forward a revised Constitution and Association Governance structure for adoption. No other business will be transacted.

All Members are asked to attend. Members will be circulated shortly with the calling notice and papers.

30th Nov (2018)MRHUA/BCHUA/RYUAG Expense Pay Run

There will be a final payment run week commencing 17th December for anyone wishing to have their expenses paid in time for Christmas members must claim by Sunday 16th December.

27th Nov (2018)New member to Women’s Panel

Congratulations to Howard Allen who was successful in his assessment at the weekend and joins the Women’s panel as a W1. We hope you enjoy your umpiring in the women’s game.

26th Nov (2018)New Regional Umpire

Congratulations and welcome to Amar Chudasama who was successfully assessed at the weekend and joins the Men's Panel
We hope that you enjoy your umpiring with us and wish you all success for the future

20th Nov (2018)Promotions and new members

Following the recent Selection meetings we are pleased to announce the following the following promotions:

Men’s Panel
M2*- Cellan Griffiths promoted from M3

Women’s Panel
W1 – Elise Charlton and Mark Stevens promoted from W2

Congratulations to you all

In addition, we welcome Harry Collinson and Eleanor Jones from the North (both are also NYUPL members) who have joined the Association at M1 and W1 respectively. We hope that you enjoy your time in the Midlands

6th Nov (2018)New member

Congratulations and welcome to James Pennington who was successfully assessed at the weekend and joins the Men's Panel
We hope that you enjoy your umpiring with us and wish you all success for the future

6th Nov (2018)Welcome Back!

We welcome Karl Strickland back to the Association after a hiatus of several years. Karl was recently assessed and is now reinstated as an active Regional Umpire Coach.
We are sure that he will be a valuable member of our coaching group.

24th Oct (2018)Important News Item - New MRHUA/BCHUA/EMHUA/MYU Web System Functions

As many of you may or will have noticed, the next and final part of the 2018 system upgrade has now been implemented.
The major changes of this phase are in the personal and club administration areas, where both of these areas are now fully mobile friendly (i.e. they adapt and work on small screen devices as well as traditional larger screen devices e.g. PCs). The club administration area continues to be is accessed from your personal areas.
You should note that the layout of all functions in these areas will be different depending on the screen size of the device you are using.
In addition, the order of items will vary depending on the screen size and the day. This is so that, on mobile phones, the things you are most likely to want on a match day appear nearer the top of the page.
If you are logging on via a device with a small screen, you will see that there is an option to have "continuous login". If you select this option your log in details will be stored on your phone and you will be able to log in in future just by clicking the quick log in bar at the top of the home pages.
If you are a club administrator, but are not your club webmaster, you have a new function in the club administration area to remove access rights that you do not need. This will temporarily remove them from your pages and will prompt your club webmaster to remove them permanently the next time they log in. This will help you remove the functions you will never need (particularly for teams that you are not involved with), in case your club webmaster has been over-generous with your options.
If you are a club webmaster, you also have new functions in the View/Update Administration Rights programs to remove all access for a person or to add all access for a person. This means you need fewer clicks to set up the correct access rights for each administrator.
If you have any problems or queries, please contact the MRHUA Webmaster.

23rd Oct (2018)Bill Workman RIP

MRHUA are very sad to announce that Bill Workman the President of EMHUA lost his battle with cancer and passed away a few hours ago. His family were at his bedside. Our thoughts are with Linda his wife, his sons David & Glen and the rest of his family at this very sad time. Further details will be announced in due course.

23rd Oct (2018)New Umpire Coach

Congratulations to Rob Crosson who was successfully assessed at the weekend and has received his Regional Umpire Coach accreditation from England Hockey

21st Oct (2018)Congratulations

Congratulations and welcome to Jim Wakeland who was successfully assessed at the weekend and joins the Men's Panel.
We wish you all success for your future umpiring

28th Sep (2018)Revised England Hockey Disrepute Process

Please note that England Hockey have introduced revised Disrepute Complaint Regulations with effect from 21 September 2018.
In summary, complaints of disrepute are now to be sent to the Head of Governance at England Hockey in the first instance. Please follow the link below for the revised copy of the Disrepute Complaint Regulations and the Code of Ethics & Behaviour Disrepute Incident Form.
Individuals are free to submit such complaints on their own behalf. However, if you are a member of MRHUA and you wish to submit a disrepute report in relation to events relating to regional hockey (which can be done if you wish to report what you consider to be disreputable behaviour which would not fall within your powers under the Red Card and MMO Regulations), we would strongly urge you to speak to a member of the MRHUA Executive Committee before so doing. The Executive will, of course, always support you should it believe that you have reasonable cause to submit such a report.
Finally, please note that Disrepute complaints may be submitted up to 14 days after any alleged incident. This means that you and the MRHUA Executive have time to ensure that your report is fully considered before being compiled and submitted in a structured way.
A copy of the new Disrepute form is also available on the website under 'Information and Downloads - Disciplinary Code'

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19th Jul (2018)Website Access for Clubs and Teams

Important message to all clubs and teams accessing the MRHUA, BCHUA and EMHUA Websites.
Following the introduction of the GDPR regulations in May, the umpiring websites have changed the way that clubs and teams access the website. The prime change is that there is no longer one password per club or team and only registered people with their own password can access their club or team pages.
In order to comply with the GDPR regulations all club and team contacts should now access the website through their own personal areas using their registered email address and password, which have been created for all know contacts, from details previously stored, as part of the new system implementation.
All know Club and Team contacts will have received emails, to their registered email address, advising of the change and of the need to setup a ‘personal’ password.
Clubs and teams must utilise this method in order to update or change names and or contact details. If the link in your email has expired (please check your junk boxes if you have not received these), please contact the relevant webmaster of MRHUA, BCHUA or EMHUA who will reset.
Jerry Yates
Webmaster MRHUA

5th Apr (2018)Changes to England Hockey Leagues for season 2019/20

England Hockey have announced the structure for the National Leagues for season 2019/20 onwards. Full details can be obtained by clicking on the link

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27th Nov (2017)Confirmation of match details to Watchers

If a watcher has been appointed to a match that you are involved with, it is common courtesy, notwithstanding the details shown on the website, for you to make contact with the watcher to confirm the time and venue of the match.

The usual protocol is for the first named umpire to take responsibility for confirming details. However, if you find you are paired with somebody who is first named but who isn’t a Panel Umpire (e.g. Guest, Candidate, Exchange Visitor etc.) then please take on the responsibility yourself.

11th Nov (2016)Clarification on Red Cards awarded for dissent

In the last fortnight there have been two instances where our members have issued Red Cards for dissent and have reported them as Category D Offences (two separate, but duplicate minor offences for which a yellow card was awarded for the first offence).

Please would everybody note that under Para 6.3 of EH Discipline Regulations, dissent is not a minor offence. It therefore follows that if a player has received a yellow card for dissent, a second offence of this nature will attract a Red Card which should be reported as a Category A Offence (Physical violence was not used, attempted or threatened).

17th Aug (2016)+++ UDATED +++ Parking at King Edwards High School, Birmingham

Despite previous advice, parking at KES, home to Harborne and Bournville does not require a permit.

However, umpires should note that the only car park that we can use is the Parade Ground car park, which is accessed by the side entrance on the A38 only, not by either of the entrances on Edgbaston Park road. Heading towards the city centre, take the third entry after Edgbaston Park Road. If approaching from the city, you will need to do a U turn at the lights on the junction of Bristol Road and Edgbaston Park Road

If other car parks are used, you risk having your car clamped because these areas are being monitored.

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